Memory Queen

23 Jul

Her stack is bigger than mine


We don’t even let her win!  I actually try really hard to get more “Memory” cards but she wins almost every time!  It’s pretty amazing watching her sweep the table – taking pair after pair.

She’s addicted to playing.  In the morning, “Wanna play “Membory”?  In the afternoon, “Wanna play “Membory”?  A few minutes after that, “Wanna play “Membory”?  Before dinner, “Wanna play “Membory”?  Recently, our good friends from home (West Virginia home) came to visit us and experienced the round-the-clock “Membory” marathon that I endure.  She had Julie playing any chance she could.  (Thanks Julie! You’re a real team player!)

So far, Nia’s a super good sport about losing too.  “That’s okay Momma.  Maybe you’ll just win next time.”

I doubt it.

One Response to “Memory Queen”

  1. Scoop July 22, 2007 at 10:49 pm #

    I dunno, her membory of me seemed to have faded. I wanted to cry.
    It was so awesome seeing you both and it just made me realize how much I miss you and how much us moving away is gonna suck because I don't know how we'll ever get together then!

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