The Valles Home is Vacant

2 Aug

We were booked up all through July but now it’s just us again and I’m trying to adapt.  It went something like this –

  • Our friends Chris and Julie arrived first
  • Andrew’s mom (“Lola”) came next
  • Andrew’s sister (Aunt “Ree”) and our niece Baby Ella came to take Lola home with them (we are good sharers)
  • just us for a few days (I read Harry Potter!)
  • Andrew’s mom came back with his dad (Papa Dave)
  • Papa Nick and Grandma Kris made the trip down here

A lot of the visits overlapped each other too – Lola first came down while Chris and Julie were here and that worked out great – we played board games and she watched the kids for us while Chris, Julie and us hit Atlanta for a fun night out.  My dad’s visit also overlapped Lola’s and Papa Dave’s but that turned out to be just fine too – we all went to the zoo and had a great time.  It’s just a blessing that we have a house that can accommodate everyone.  It would not have been possible at our Savannah house that’s for sure!

I’m just so thankful for all of the visitors we had – they brought so much love, laughter and comfort to us and it’s so hard to say goodbye and adjust to not having anyone here.  Nia will wake up and ask where people are.  Nate was picking up new words (he actually says Mommy now!) while everyone was here and I saw how they all helped his little brain get a boost.  (With me he only walks around talking like a caveman.)  We were so spoiled and the only reason that I’m not all down-in-the-dumps is because I know I’ll be seeing some of them and more (my mom and Ginger, Lee and Cami) in a month on the beach!  My dad and Kris just left us yesterday and Nia already asked, “When’s Honey (my mom) coming?”  Not soon enough!

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