Some of My Preschool Observations

28 Aug
  • The backpacks are bigger than the kids.  It’s just so comical to me.  (Just wait until you see a picture of Nia wearing hers!)
  • Door to door service.  All we have to do is wait in a bumper-to-bumper line for 20 minutes and our children will be walked from the school door to our car door.
  • In some cases, the teachers don’t even have to open the vehicle’s door.  I was behind 4 minivans that had those automatic opening/shutting doors – I laughed out loud at the sight of it.  I’m not making fun of the convenience – I know they’re awesome when it comes to that – it was just like something out of a funny movie – van after van pulling up – door after door sliding open – kid after kid climbing in – door after door sliding shut.  It just struck me funny.
  • Parents have homework.  Once a week, Nia has to bring something that starts with a certain short vowel sound.  Yes, I know it’s a great teaching exercise – trust me – it’s teaching me too!  I have to rack my brain trying to think about what we have in this house that starts with the short “i” sound.  Igloo – no.  Inchworm – no.  Insect – yes but no thank you.  I finally decided on an ‘inkpen’.  We’ll see – I’ve thought about her and I making an igloo with construction paper but I don’t know – the point is – I really have to think about this stuff and I know it’s just the beginning!  I feel so dumb!  At least her starting school will give me a chance to become re-educated!  How pathetic is that?!?!


2 Responses to “Some of My Preschool Observations”

  1. the real ~Roxann~ August 28, 2007 at 10:20 am #

    Man, do I miss that door-to-door service!!!! Our preschool in Oklahoma did that, even the public school in GA did it, but now Griffin's school doesn't have a drive that would make this possible……. School for G starts next week, so I guess we'll see how it goes….Loved your observations….

  2. Honey August 28, 2007 at 10:13 pm #

    Oh! my I wish I had some calming advise but I know one thing she is in wonderful hands after school lets out and Nia is yours again with You and Andrew as the best teachers she will ever know.I wish I could have been there.. tell Nia and Nate see you at the beach….Love you All, Honey

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