Nia’s Advice to Mom

15 Sep

Sometimes, it is really difficult to get Nia moving.  She eats super slow.  She walks super slow.  She follows instructions super slow.  That’s all fine when we’re not in a hurry to get somewhere or we haven’t told her a gazillion times to do something.  That’s what was happening the other night.

It was almost time to start the bedtime routine so I told her to go potty and put on her pajamas.  She kept playing.  I told her it wasn’t play time now – it was night-night time and again told her to get pjs.  At that point, she got up from the toys and walked toward the bathroom but she stopped at every toy along the way and even took a few with her.  Again, I told her to get ready for bed.  (Of course, I wasn’t using the sweet mommy voice anymore – I was using the exhausted, haven’t I told you this like 3 times already mommy voice.)

Her response was so awesome.  She looked at me so funny and put her hands up and said, “It’s ok Momma, please don’t freak out – I’m just putting the toys in my room.”

What could I say to that?  All I could do is laugh. It’s funny too because I really didn’t care anymore that she wasn’t moving fast enough.  What was the hurry anyway?  I really do need to follow her advice more often.  Don’t freak out.

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