Growing Up

4 Nov

Beautiful Birthday Girl

Yesterday we drove to Savannah to celebrate Baby Ella’s birthday.  I cannot believe she is 2!  Our other little niece is also growing up too quickly!  Gabbie-Goose (as Andrew loves to call her) will be 3 in just a few weeks!

I wish we could be there to celebrate with Gabbie but we’re just too far away to make the trek.  Going to Savannah for Ella’s still meant we had to brave the Angry-Man-Who-Gets-Really-Peeved-on-Road-Trips (aka Nate) but we knew it wouldn’t be as rough on him (then us) because it’s a much shorter drive.  It was so worth the little bit of anger Nate did scream at us though because Ella was very happy to have Nia there and I know Nia and Nate both had a blast!

Such Sweet Girls

It’s so hard having to watch the kids grow up from afar.  I wish I could be there for them and their mommies and daddies to help them get things ready for parties, to babysit, to watch movies, to play, to hug…WHATEVER!   For now though, I look forward to the special times we get to share and the happy memories we make while we’re together.


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