From a Kid’s Eye View…

6 Nov
  • Everything is “included” when it comes to toys –
    Nia will watch a commercial featuring some toy horses and a stable and she won’t notice how cute the animals are or all the neat things that come with the stable – she’ll notice the green outdoor carpet underneath it all and exclaim, “Look Momma!  It comes with grass!”
  • Toys are much better in commercials than they are in real life –
    Sometimes the commercial will use animation to help portray that something gives off a scent – Nia will see that and say, “Momma, the strawberries fly out of their bellies!” Oh and the new thing that gets me is these commercials featuring these well-kept little girls in their perfect princess outfits playing with an unbroken kitchen set – in real life those princess dresses would be torn in places and the girls would have like brownie on their face with milk mustaches and the kitchen would be missing some essential cooking utensils plus the oven door would be hanging off – I mean come on!  I want to see some true to life kid toy commercials!  The carpet needs to be dirty and the kitchen set needs to have some crayon on it!  To make it even more real – throw in a little brother who’s trying to sit in the refrigerator and totally ruining the cookies his big sis is trying to bake!
  • You really mean what you say –
    The first time I told Nia, “momma’s just gonna go jump in the shower real quick” she replied “can I come see you jump in?  are you going to jump like this?” (acting out a jump)
  • Yesterday is today and tomorrow is yesterday –
    It is so freakin’ hard to teach this concept!  I even tried writing it down but what good will that do?  Kid can’t read yet! Andrew’s mom says to tell her we’ll be doing something in so many “sleeps.”  Like, “In 3 more sleeps (night-nights) and we’ll be going to the zoo!”
  • Hopping forward with one leg in haphazardly front of the other IS skipping –
    Yet another really hard thing to teach.
  • You don’t need to look forward to drive a car –
    I cannot even tell you how many times Nia will say, “Momma, look” while I’m trying to drive.  I tell her that I can’t turn around while I’m driving and that if I do I will boo-boo the car.  As soon as I am stopped at a red light though, she tells me that now I can look at her because I’m not driving anymore. Too smart for me.


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