Such a Big Boy

4 Jan

"OOO, Geor!"

I know he’s growing up but it didn’t really hit me until the other day when I took him to the child watch at the YMCA.  Because he’s 2-years-old now, he gets moved up to the big kid room for children ages 2 through 6.

It was so weird trying to explain to him that he wasn’t going to the first room anymore.  He was all ready to bust in that door and bully around those babies.  I told him, “No Nate, you get to play with big kids today!”  He reluctantly took my hand and let me lead him to the other door.  When we walked in, he didn’t look so sure about this whole “big kid” thing.  Then, he spotted all the cool toys. I couldn’t even kiss him goodbye fast enough!  When I went to get him after my workout, he was sitting at the little table and chairs, eating his fish crackers and drinking his juice.  I got tears in my eyes.  He looked so tiny and sweet but yet so grown up at the same time!

He’s been talking so much more now but still not all that much.  In fact, on the morning of his 2nd birthday, we woke Nia up and told her, “Today is Nate’s Birthday!”  Her response?  “Can he talk now?”

One of the cutest things he says is, “Yet go a me!”  Or, “Let go of me!” – said while he and Andrew are wrestling.  And when he says “mommy” now it makes my heart want to melt.  I even have to look over and make sure that it was him that just said “mommy” so perfectly. He also says a few lines to certain movies as he’s watching them.  He especially loves “Shrek.” Those movies even make him laugh out loud and he will even make his Shrek toys talk to each other like they do in the movies.  “Dada!”

Overall, his personality is just so hilarious. He goes from being off the wall crazy – climbing over the back of the couch, standing on his rocking horse – to the sweetest, calmest child – finds his blankie and immediately inserts thumb into mouth.   He’s also so polite.  Today, he kept telling me “Bead do” after I sneezed and at the doctor’s office, he was crying and so unhappy but kept telling the doctor, “Dank do.  BYE!”  (Thank you. Bye.)  She and I laughed and I told her “At least he’s a polite angry man.”  And he’s all ours!

Still a Little Shrimp!

Helmet Head


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