Dr. Dad

9 Jan

Ginger-ale on ice – with a straw.

Chicken noodle soup – delivered on a tray with a napkin.

Dishes finished and the kitchen cleaned.

Tucked in nice and cozy – watching whatever I want on television.

All that plus – the kids fed, happy, bathed and kissed goodnight.

He really took care of all of us last night.  I “called in sick” on Monday – well, for as much as I could anyway.  Amazingly, the kids let me lounge around during day – allowing me to get away with a few short book reads and lazy block building sessions.  Andrew came home as early as he could so I could get some sleep as soon as I could.  It was awesome.

Thanks to all of that TLC, I am all better and ready to take care of the next sicky Valles. (I hope we won’t have to do that for awhile though!)

One Response to “Dr. Dad”

  1. Scoop January 9, 2008 at 11:21 am #

    Glad you're feeling better. I hadn't seen you around on the blogosphere and wondered what was up! Yah for hubbies…they come through when you need them the most.

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