Balancing Books

4 Apr

I don’t know how it happened but I went from only reading Harry Potter books to trying to read 4 different books at once.

– Two of them are supposed to tell me how to be a better parent.  Supernanny (I love me some Jo Frost) and Transforming the Difficult Child (I know Nia and Nate really aren’t difficult – the book just offers some beneficial advice and strategies on handling situations.

– One is supposed to help me be a better person/be inspired.  (It’s one of the many books written by Beth Moore –  she’s the woman who teaches my Bible Study – through a DVD of course. She’s an awesome speaker/teacher.)

– The last is a book called The Shack that Julie lent me during her visit with us.  (I’m halfway finished Julie!)

I’m just so excited to be reading again!  I love how much better I feel and how active my mind becomes after reading.  I actually have even been creating a list of books I want to dive into next!

I think the books (along with an addiction to catching up on the tv show “Lost”) has kept me from blogging as much. Oh yeah, that and trying to plan Nia’s 5th birthday party!  I need a book to help me with that too!

One Response to “Balancing Books”

  1. the real ~Roxann~ April 7, 2008 at 11:39 pm #

    Oh man…I love Beth Moore and SuperNanny!!

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