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Book Fair Treasures

9 Sep

I love book fair time at the kids’ school. I am always so giddy when I know they are going to have fun treasures and beloved books to pull from their backpacks at the end of the day. Nia loves getting the cutsie erasers, bookmarkers and pretty pens as much as she loves choosing a new diary. (Her yearly book of choice.) This was Nate’s first year to shop for himself and I can’t say I’m surprised at his selection. I hope there is another in the spring – and that I can go too!


Nia's Picks


Nia's Fun Erasers


Nate's Sweet Selection

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Blog Post of a Wimpy Kid Fan

23 Mar


Nia is all about reading some kid’s diary and it’s so great. Actually, she would likely correct me and tell me that he really wants it to be called a journal. She has entered into the reader’s world of befriending book characters. This Wimpy Kid and his adventures have captured her heart and imagination and it’s wonderful to share in her excitement.

She finished the first book in two days. (She counted down to us as she turned the pages – asking us to subtract 152 from the total.) When she turned that final page, we knew we needed to continue her Wimpy Kid connection so we drove the 30 minutes to the nearest open bookstore and bought each book in the series, plus a special one about the movie.

She’s now nearing the end of the second book but she’s not happy with the interruptions of the school week. Like, the bus rides in the morning. She told us it was too dark for her to read and asked us if she could bring a small flashlight. She now has a book light to help expand her reading time. She’ll soon be finished with all the them and waiting for the author to write more. Good thing there are movies to tide her over…



Happy to Have Them All!


Nate is inspired too!

Book Light for the Bus


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Bookworm Bean

27 Feb

Nia has always loved books. She was entertainingly reading to us by memorization at age 3 and often carries books with her wherever she goes. But it wasn’t until the other day that she began talking about what she’d read in a book with such excitement and detail.

She didn’t just say it was really good or funny. She started to give us a “response to literature” – something she’s learning in school. She was so into it and full of animation when describing it to us. It was adorably awesome and gave us the idea to have her review them on video. (Partly as a learning experience but also because I wanted to capture this part of her life.)

She was so pumped about the idea of Bean Book Review and couldn’t wait to start. Who knows? Maybe it could even help someone who’s thinking about buying a book for a child. I mean, she relates things to iCarly so it’s a pretty expert opinion, if you ask me.

She had so much fun doing this and sitting next to me as I tried to edit it. She was such a little producer too. Telling me that I need to add music and that her eyes were closed on one starting clip. She and I had a great time! I find some parts of it so endearing. Like, the popcorn she tries to free from a tooth while talking and her reenactment of a snippet of one book. I hope some others enjoy it as much as we do. (It’s five minutes long so we’ll see!)

Balancing Books

4 Apr

I don’t know how it happened but I went from only reading Harry Potter books to trying to read 4 different books at once.

– Two of them are supposed to tell me how to be a better parent.  Supernanny (I love me some Jo Frost) and Transforming the Difficult Child (I know Nia and Nate really aren’t difficult – the book just offers some beneficial advice and strategies on handling situations.

– One is supposed to help me be a better person/be inspired.  (It’s one of the many books written by Beth Moore –  she’s the woman who teaches my Bible Study – through a DVD of course. She’s an awesome speaker/teacher.)

– The last is a book called The Shack that Julie lent me during her visit with us.  (I’m halfway finished Julie!)

I’m just so excited to be reading again!  I love how much better I feel and how active my mind becomes after reading.  I actually have even been creating a list of books I want to dive into next!

I think the books (along with an addiction to catching up on the tv show “Lost”) has kept me from blogging as much. Oh yeah, that and trying to plan Nia’s 5th birthday party!  I need a book to help me with that too!

You won’t hear from me for awhile…

23 Jul

It's just so bittersweet...

I didn’t think it would get here until Monday or Tuesday because I didn’t pay for shipping but amazon.com didn’t let me down!  The last “Harry Potter” book arrived on Saturday and I just got my hands on it today because I was in Savannah when it arrived.  (Although Ginger awesomely let me hold hers.  So Ginger – have you started yours yet?)

I almost don’t want to start mine because then it will all be over. I know I will reread each book before each movie that comes out but it’s just not the same. I might sound really silly to some of you – I wish I could explain to you why I love this story so much – it’s just so incredible and wonderful and I just really appreciate the imagination behind it all. Andrew doesn’t get it – he just doesn’t like it and we’ve actually had arguments over it because I’m saddened (and dumbfounded) that he doesn’t give it the respect I feel it deserves. I do have to give him credit though – he did buy me the cupcakes you see in the pictures. I thought that was very nice of him (since he basically loses his wife while Harry’s around). We all enjoyed the treats.

Nate Celebrates Harry's Final Year

Nia Enjoys a Potter Treat

I thought of it as a way of saying “Sorry family, I’m going to be a little distracted over these next few days. Please accept these cupcakes as a token of mommy’s guilt for neglecting you.”

That said – Harry, here I come.

Here's to Harry!

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