Risky Business

11 Aug

We should be relieved right now.  We should be ecstatic.  I should be typing this in all caps letting you all know that Andrew got a job offer.  That’s great right?  Yes.  It is.  To a point.

We know we’re really not in a position to be too picky here but we also don’t want Andrew to sell himself short.  This company just isn’t offering him what we need.  We’re not looking to make what he was making.  We know the likelihood of that happening is slim.  We just want a livable salary.  One that we could manage on until I find something (or am hopefully offered something).

The practical, non-gambling side of us says we should take it.  But the other side of us, the one that feels like we’re settling and could be missing out on a better opportunity, says we should hold out a little longer.  We think we have good reasons to – he just went on two other interviews last week so those are potentials and there’s another hiring conference coming up this week that could offer a few possibilities.  It’s just such a risk.

We’re told he has to decide on Monday whether he’ll take the job.  I really don’t know what our decision will be.  It’s just such a tough call.  The job offers Andrew experience in Civil Engineering – something he’s always wanted to do.  But it also will require a lot of travel and time away from home.  We really have to consider all the pros and cons.

How could it be that I was less stressed when we didn’t have an offer on the table?  Makes no sense.  None.

One Response to “Risky Business”

  1. gummibunny August 11, 2008 at 9:06 am #

    I can't believe they're not willing to give him a little more time – that stinks. Good luck – I believe you all will make the right choice, even though it's tough either way. Thinking of you both.

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