Inspired by Moms

12 Feb

You are not alone.

Mom at the grocery store check out with a baby in her arms and a line of people behind her.  She just realized she forgot a purple onion and has to send her other, older child to run for one.  The child brings back a head of cabbage.  The bagger finally retrieves one but then the mom realizes her wallet is in the car.  She rubs her head in embarrassment and breathlessly apologizes to all around her as she runs out to her car.

Mom who hates having to leave her baby with someone else.  She wishes she could be the one sharing in the special moments she’s missing out on while she is at work.

Mom who wonders if her children will ever stop bickering or if she will ever get to a point where she won’t have to feel like she is correcting them all the time.

Take a deep breath in and out and remember you will get through it.

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