Tooth Watch

12 Feb

For the past few months, Nia has been experiencing loose-tooth envy.  The way she tells it, every one of her friends either has a loose tooth or proudly sports a holey smile.  She would ask us why she didn’t have one yet.  When will she?  Can I push on them and make them loose?  She would also routinely think she finally had one and ask us to check to see if she was right.  We would touch the suspected tooth and respond with disappointing news.  Nope.  Not yet.

That all changed last week.  She finally felt her first real wobble!  She was so excited as I picked her up from after-school.  She came running down the hall holding the prized pearly white between her two tiny fingers, “I have a loost toof mommy!”

Now, she’s constantly asking us about it and preparing for the big day –

“When it will be ready to fall out?”
“What can I do to help make it fall out?”
“Can we pull it yet?”
“Why will that hurt?”
“It hurts now.”
“Will it bleed?”
“After it falls out I will have 19 teeth.”
“If I don’t brush my teeth will it fall out faster?”
“I can’t eat that because my tooth might get lost in it and then the tooth fairy won’t come.”

Which leads to the big payoff –

“The tooth fairy is going to bring me two dollars.”

We have no idea where she got that dollar amount.  To me, you can’t put a price on something so precious.  Our baby girl is growing up so quickly.

Now on to worrying about how the tooth fairy will make the “exchange” without waking up the princess.  Sometimes I’m in awe about how our parents pulled it all off.

3 Responses to “Tooth Watch”

  1. Anna February 12, 2009 at 2:28 am #

    Two dollars sounds very reasonable. Thank goodness no one she knows got $20!

  2. Scoop February 12, 2009 at 1:01 pm #

    Nik, I missed your posts so much! How sweet is Nia!!! That is so much fun. I have wondered the same things though…how do we get the teeth out and the money back under there? You know they are waiting for it and might even be sleeping lighter than usual. Keep us posted.

  3. mom valles February 15, 2009 at 11:10 am #

    I love this new post! It's not really that hard, because they sleep really soundly. If you do get caught with your hand under the pillow, and you have already retrieved the tooth and are depositing the money: you can say, "I came in to check to make sure you were all right because I thought I heard something or someone in your room. Let's see if it was the tooth fairy, okay! SURPRISE!If you get caught trying to take the tooth out from under the pillow you can say, I was just making sure your tooth had not fallen under the bed. Because I want the tooth to be easy for the tooth fairy to find. Let's put it right her at the edge of the pillow so she can get it easily, just in case she is really busy and in a hurry tonight.If you put the tooth in something (a pill bottle, a ziplock bag, an envelope, or one of those little things you can make called a tooth pillow) it makes it easier to retrieve. To make a tooth pillow, get two pieces of felt and cut them out in a shape you and she like. (I used heart shapes, squares, and even a tooth shape). Glue the two pieces of felt together only on the edges leaving an opening at the top. Then let Nia decorate it as much as she wants. It makes the tooth fairy waiting really special. I love all of you so much. MA/Lola

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