Home Run

24 Aug

This weekend, we got to take the kids to their first Major League Baseball game thanks to my thoughtful boss, Sue, who offered us tickets. It was great!

Nia Lovin' the Game

The kids had a blast – eating way too much tasty stadium food, waving their foam finger and foam tomahawk, watching the fireworks explode after a home run and dancing to the funky beats that would thump the seats during non-play time.

Go Braves!

They are now official baseball lovers. Nate was trying to pitch just like the pros during the game – lifting his one leg in the air and jerking his body forward to throw his strike. (We had to keep telling to be careful not to hurt himself in the limited space he had near his seat.) Nia enjoyed reading the program with her daddy. He would point out each player as they came to bat and tell her how they did the last time they took the plate and what position they played.

Cutie in a Baseball Hat

Since we got home from the game, all Nate wants to do is play ball. When we’re in the house we pretend that we are pitching to him and he swings a foam bat – he will only take off running if we make firework noises and the tomahawk chop because that meant he had a home run.

Tonight, we put pretend aside and had the kids batter up outside. We all took turns pitching, hitting and playing catcher, even as a few sprinkles fell on us. Nate and Nia hit a few “home runs” but it was Daddy who hit it out of the park.

Taking in the Game with Chips

A baseball family has been born!

Happy Game Watchers

2 Responses to “Home Run”

  1. mom valles August 28, 2009 at 9:33 pm #

    We Valleses love baseball. I am glad the tradition continues! MaLola

  2. TattooRN September 1, 2009 at 12:13 am #

    I hope you went and got the ball yourself, Andrew.

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