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He cried, then I cried – in baseball

18 Oct

I thought he made it. He thought he made it. It was such an exciting sight. Cheers from both sides erupted as we all watched him take off for Third base as the Second basekid on the other team chased him. That Second basekid had to dive for Nate to even have a chance at catching our speedy number 8. Nate was almost there. I screamed and jumped. The other child dove. I screamed and jumped. “He made it! He made it!”

“You’re OUT!” The umpire’s call proved me wrong.

My arms fell to my sides. Nate stood on Third in shock. He shook his head in disbelief and sadness.  His head folded under the weight of his helmet as he was guided off the base. Tears slid down his cheeks. Tears slid down my cheeks.

I’m sorry, Buddy. I know it won’t be the last time you are disappointed on the diamond. I can only hope your little heart doesn’t break each time – for both of our sakes.

Forever a Fan

15 Jul

Many of us have something we cherish from childhood. Whether it is a memory with a loved one we hold onto, a favorite stuffed animal or book, or a movie or song that takes us back. But what happens when you grow to dislike the thing you treasured so much? It happened to Andrew, with his love of baseball.

He tells stories about being little and watching Cal Ripen, Jr., his ultimate favorite player. He talks about how he detests the Braves because they beat the Pirates out of going to the World Series in 1992. He collected baseball cards, player figurines and helmets from games. He almost caught a foul ball from a regular season Pirates game but a man stole it from his 10-year-old hands.

It’s hard to believe that all that love for something could fade but a baseball strike and the steroid scandal that plagued the sport for years really wore on his respect for the game. The atmosphere changed. The integrity. The desire to play because you love the game. Not because you want to make more money or break records.

Andrew may have continued to feel that way if it wasn’t for his little boy. Nate has a pure, untarnished love for baseball. The sport brings him shear happiness without any of the politics and controversies to cloud it. He asks his daddy questions about the game, teams and players. He asks his daddy who to root for and who to boo. He asks his daddy to play. His spirit is contagious and Andrew loves watching the sport through his son’s eyes. It’s helped him find the fan he used to be.

I love being a spectator to their baseball bond and am so excited to share in their love of the sport.  (And spoil them with gear proudly displaying their favorite team.)



Wanna Play Baseball?

7 Mar

It’s a question we’re asked over and over each day. Even after we just get finished playing catch or batting with Nate, he asks, “Momma/Daddy/Nia, wanna play baseball?”

The little man loves the game. Everything about it. He wants to bat. He wants to catch. He wants to throw. He wants to run the bases. He wants, of course, to hit a home run. Now, he’s closer to doing all of those things – on his pre-tee team.

Swing away!

The first practice was a little haphazard and dangerous – the kids kept rushing the ball when it was hit – almost ending in a pileup each time, one poor kid kept crying every time he didn’t get to the ball before the other kids and we all gasped when Nate threw the ball at the kid running the bases, hitting him in the helmet. (Luckily, the little runner didn’t even know it happened and when I apologized to his grandma she said, “That’s ok honey. That’s why we’re here. To learn.”)


The next practice went a lot better. The coach put Nate in as the pitcher because, in pre-tee, after the batter hits, the ball gets thrown to the pitcher and then the runner has to stop. He chose Nate because he’s the only one who can catch/stop the grounders right now. (We’re so proud! It could be because he will sacrifice his body to stop the ball too – yeah.)

Daddy Coaching Son

Playing baseball is making Nate so happy. He lives to play. He wakes up and asks, “Do I play baseball today?” Before he falls asleep he asks, “Do I play baseball tomorrow?” When we tell him yes, he lets out a squeal and giggles. I hate it when we have to tell him no.

Little Ball Player

Baseball Highlights

1 Sep

Capturing some family fun swinging away:

Home Run

24 Aug

This weekend, we got to take the kids to their first Major League Baseball game thanks to my thoughtful boss, Sue, who offered us tickets. It was great!

Nia Lovin' the Game

The kids had a blast – eating way too much tasty stadium food, waving their foam finger and foam tomahawk, watching the fireworks explode after a home run and dancing to the funky beats that would thump the seats during non-play time.

Go Braves!

They are now official baseball lovers. Nate was trying to pitch just like the pros during the game – lifting his one leg in the air and jerking his body forward to throw his strike. (We had to keep telling to be careful not to hurt himself in the limited space he had near his seat.) Nia enjoyed reading the program with her daddy. He would point out each player as they came to bat and tell her how they did the last time they took the plate and what position they played.

Cutie in a Baseball Hat

Since we got home from the game, all Nate wants to do is play ball. When we’re in the house we pretend that we are pitching to him and he swings a foam bat – he will only take off running if we make firework noises and the tomahawk chop because that meant he had a home run.

Tonight, we put pretend aside and had the kids batter up outside. We all took turns pitching, hitting and playing catcher, even as a few sprinkles fell on us. Nate and Nia hit a few “home runs” but it was Daddy who hit it out of the park.

Taking in the Game with Chips

A baseball family has been born!

Happy Game Watchers

Growing Up So Fast

19 May

Getting Braver Every Day

Nia started taking gymnastics lessons at the Y about 5 weeks ago and tonight she got to show her stuff with all the other little gymnasts during a “meet.”  It was so adorable and I’m so excited we got to experience it.  When she first started she was a chicken liver – now, she hardly hesitates to jump from one thing to the next.  She even walked across the balance beam all by herself for two steps!  It makes me sad to see her growing up so fast but then I’m also happy about it – she’s a lot of fun and it’s neat to see the little person she’s becoming.  Also, the more she learns about growing up, the more I learn about parenting (which is actually kind of scary).

In fact, this event gave me my first real taste of worrying about my child being left out of something.  At the end of the “meet” they passed out trophies to all the kids. Well, I had noticed that they left several of the gymnasts’ names out of the programs (Nia’s was one of them), so I was already bummed that they did that (I was suffering from the whole “how dare they forget my daughter?!?!” attitude).  Because of that, I automatically started stressing that she wouldn’t get a trophy.  They went in alphabetical order so that didn’t help the situation.  I just kept watching her stare at all the other kids whose last names fell between A and U – I wondered what she was thinking…”Wow, look at their shiny trophies…I hope I get a shiny trophy too…I wonder why I haven’t yet?”  Finally, her name was called – Andrew and I relaxed and she beamed.  She was so quick to jump up and run over to collect her shiny trophy that she didn’t even pose at the top of the mat like all the other kids did.  She just grabbed it, turned around and ran to sit down and inspect it.

Daddy & Gymnast

It just feels good to see her so happy.  She loves “bynastics” (as she calls it) and I love watching her have a blast.



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