Unclean House Confessions

28 Feb

I try. I do. I really would not say our house is messy/dirty. There are places where mess accumulates but with that I just have to shut a few doors and – tada – the house is ready for a surprise visitor. There are quite a few things I slack on though.

  • I should definitely scour our shower more than I do. In fact, I really don’t do it. Andrew does it because I whine about it so much. I’ll clean all the bathtubs – no problem. There’s just something about our shower that defeats me every time.
  • I have never cleaned inside the oven. I will only dive in there when it’s an absolute must. Like when that runaway fry escapes from the pan and starts burning and junk. Then, I’ll just use some tongs and remove the blackened tato.
  • I can’t tell you when I last dusted the light fixture hanging above the dining room table that we never use. Come to think of it, that light really never gets used either.
  • Are you supposed to wash curtains? Just kidding. Ha, ha, ha. Well, I have washed the sheers on the windows – at least once. (By the way, is there an easier way to clean wood slat blinds? I’ve tried dusting them – that takes forever. I’ve tried using the vacuum attachment – that didn’t really work at all. I can’t figure that one out.)

I just feel like I can never get ahead of it all. I have to do all the basics in spells – here and there. If I see dust, I dust. Since I have the dust spray in my hand, I might as well do the upstairs. (I tell myself I’ll do the downstairs later.)  If I have the glass cleaner out to clean one mirror that’s bothering me, they’re all going to get cleaned right then and there. It just all feels so scattered. The only time it all gets cleaned at the same time is when guests come to stay. Thankfully, we have guests visiting quite a bit.

(*This post was inspired by that runaway fry.)

3 Responses to “Unclean House Confessions”

  1. Scoop February 28, 2010 at 9:10 am #

    All the guilt of an Italian Catholic. I feel it too. Look, you work. You raise a family. You drive quite a bit each day to and from….You are not sitting around eating bonbons. I have a friend who doesn't work, her kids are in school and she has a housekeeper. The housekeeper doesn't do curtains or empty the dishwasher and she doesn't give it a second thought.Do this:Extend arm out, bend at elbow so as to extend hand toward ear and pat back.Good job.

  2. mom valles February 28, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    Hey, your house always looks clean to me. Give yourself a break! You have a big house and you both work and you have two kids. You want to spend as much time as you can with the kids, so clean when you can and stop worrying about it. Love you! MA

  3. TattooRN March 9, 2010 at 9:45 am #

    I have nothing to say about this, except….I just cleaned out my oven because I thought it might catch fire otherwise. Now I have to go run the sweeper 🙂

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