A Jug Tavern Festival is Just Right for Kids

11 Sep

It just sounds so wrong though. How could it be ok to take a seven and four-year-old to an event bearing such a name? Well, consider it one of those don’t judge a book lessons. Apparently, the name has nothing to do with alcohol or slang for female parts.

Fest Flying

Even so, I didn’t really care. It was a community shindig and we dig those. This one offered all the usuals – some bouncy things, pony rides, balloon animals (that popped before Nate got his to the car), shaved ice (that made a sticky mess when it spilled in the car), funnel cake, live music, overpriced but “awesome” kid entertainment (the kids loved flying high in the air), arts and crafts and tasty BBQ. That BBQ is what makes this festival a little different than those usuals though.

People from all over have set up fort here for a National BBQ Cook-Off. They’ve parked their suped-up RVs on the grounds, complete with satellite dishes sticking out of five-gallon buckets. The scenes surrounding the RVs were impressive. Some had TVs displaying a football game and others had tables and portable kitchens where older men prepped their pride and joy for the competition. All of them had massive smokers, pits and grills filled with various meat soaking in a secret sauce or dry rub. The smell of deliciousness hovered over the festival, making stomachs growl, mouths water and Nia and Nate worry about all the smoke. “Mommy! That smoke cloud is coming right to us!”

Seems kid-friendly enough for me.

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One Response to “A Jug Tavern Festival is Just Right for Kids”

  1. Paul September 12, 2010 at 9:33 pm #

    Yeah… I kinda thought from the name that you had taken them to an event at Hooters.

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