Mommy Mysteries

30 Sep

How did you do it, lady? How did you manage to stay so mom-like and proper around me as I grew up? I can’t help but wonder (and, heads up, some of these are TMI) how you managed to:

  • Watch what you wanted on tv even if it had adult tones to it? I remember the CBS Soaps and Hill Street Blues in the background. I’m lucky if I get to watch Top 20 Video Countdown on Saturday mornings.
  • Deal with how grown-up I played Barbies? Or is that why you never played Barbies with me? I understand. I don’t really love playing Barbies with Bean but I don’t know how to tell her no without making her feel bad. You never made me feel bad. I bet my storylines stressed you out. I know they would me if I heard Nia throwing Ken off a balcony because he cheated on her with her sister. (Maybe those Soaps sunk into my head?)
  • Hold your gas around me? Yes, I mean toots. I don’t ever remember you letting one rip when I was a little kid. I hope my kids can forget their mommy’s noisemakers. They usually cutely yell at me, “Mommy!” What?
  • (This one is TMI you can never unread.) Change your lady products without young me barging into the bathroom mid-change? Sure, locking the door seems so simple. Even if they don’t see the act in progress, they still see the product which prompts questions.”Why do you have a diaper, mommy?” Yes, I answered it without really answering it. “It’s not a diaper. It’s not for pee, it’s for something elsethatI’lltellyouaboutlater.”

I guess I have created at least one mystery. Just on another level.

2 Responses to “Mommy Mysteries”

  1. Diana Rafiani September 30, 2010 at 9:42 pm #

    The TV thing well I’m trying to remember how I did that back in those days you didn’t have a remote to hit mute. I made some kind of distraction.
    Barbie’s are another story. I never had them growing up so I think maybe that’s why I wasn’t that good at pretending or using my imagination like you are with all your wonderful stories.
    OK the gas thing I was always told it wasn’t proper to do that in front of people so I took it to the next level. No one not even my kids would hear me do that. Now it is a differant story.When your my age you laugh,sneeze,cough or just walk LOOK OUT!
    OK the diaper thing, I locked the doors until a time when you were old enough to understand what was going on in that area of growing up.
    What I find amazing is that you think and wonder about how I did all these things when you were growing up when all it was it was natural to me just like it is to you. You are the best Mommy that Nia and Nate could ever have and to think I had a little bit to do with that makes me the happiest lady in the world.

    Love You, Momma

    • nikkival September 30, 2010 at 9:44 pm #

      Ha! Those are great answers to my mysteries. I love you, Lady!

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