My Sexperiment Has Started

29 Nov

I got my first dose of man products today as part of the Sexperiment I wrote about a week ago. It was not as bad as I expected. The thing I missed most was wearing my pink colored and sweet smelling perfume. My two favorites are Pink by Victoria’s Secret and Princess by Vera Wang. I was so tempted to spritz one on this morning. I may have to move them out of sight for the rest of the week. They’re just so inviting.

I am also a little concerned about my sensitive parts yelling at me for using products that don’t have the promise of softness or smoothness. My hands are dry today but that may be because of the weather, not the man-care.

Here’s what I used:


I must say I do love the razor. It has a bunch of blades and vibrates. Do they make that for girls? I only ever use my two-blade, inexpensive Daisy razors so I haven’t lived the life of razor luxury. If not, I may stick with Andrew’s Mach 3. I’m sure he’ll go halfsies with me on the cartridges. I figure, I’m already stealing his stuff. Right, hon?

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