Sexperiment Dropout

2 Dec

Well, I took a brisk walk on the manly product side as part of my silly Sexperiment and that’s all I needed to send me running for the temptation of soft skin and sweet smell.

Some differences I noticed during my three days (besides the scent) involved the shampoo and soap. The shampoo dried out my hair and painfully tangled it and the soap dried out my skin to the point of cracks. I’m sure the cold weather didn’t help but at least I get some protection with my moisturizing soap.

I also really did miss my sweet scented products. People could probably smell my perfume before they saw me today because I enjoyed an extra spray or two. Sorry about that. I was lost in the moment.

There are two things I’m going to change after doing this mini-sexperiment though. I will be upgrading my razor and will be buying Andrew some conditioner or at least a two-in-one. That shampoo is brutal, even for man hair.

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