Rejoicing in Re-gifting

23 Dec

You know those gifts that many people re-gift? While it’s the thought that counts and every gift is appreciated, many people have a few things on their gift no-no list. The ones that they have no idea what to do with or just genuinely don’t like. They are outcast gifts and I love them.

Here are a few of my favorites that often end up in someone else’s re-gift pile:

  • Hickory Farms – LOVE it. Those processed and preservative-packed food stuffs are packaged in such an awesome assortment. Strawberry hard candy? Yes, please!
  • Jewelry – Since I never buy the fashion flair for myself, it’s such a treat to get it from someone.
  • Holiday decor – I’ll take Santa. I’ll take snowmen. Reindeer are always welcome here. It can be in the form of a statue, doll, music box, candle holder, kitchen bowl/plate, pillow, towel, yard ornament, tree ornament – if it has one of the symbols of the season, I’ll display it.
  • As Seen On TV dodads – I never did get the Snuggie. Sad face. I’m lucky enough to have the Magic Bullet and Paint Buddy though. Two of my faves.
  • Random, store-suggested gifts – For example, stationery, magnets, frames, platters, movies, hot cocoa kit/specialty kits, coasters, book of the moment. Some people may think they were thoughtless gifts, I see them as fun finds!

I’ve been thinking about all the gifts that teachers can get from their students. That must be incredible. I often wonder what things they decide to keep over giving away. I’m pretty sure our neighbor re-gifts some of her teacher treasures but that’s fine by me! So far, we’ve gotten a glass cutting board, some festive holiday towels, a cutesy reindeer candle holder and Hickory Farms. That’s right, the Hickory Farms box of sausage and cheese is upstairs. Best presents ever!

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