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Rejoicing in Re-gifting

23 Dec

You know those gifts that many people re-gift? While it’s the thought that counts and every gift is appreciated, many people have a few things on their gift no-no list. The ones that they have no idea what to do with or just genuinely don’t like. They are outcast gifts and I love them.

Here are a few of my favorites that often end up in someone else’s re-gift pile:

  • Hickory Farms – LOVE it. Those processed and preservative-packed food stuffs are packaged in such an awesome assortment. Strawberry hard candy? Yes, please!
  • Jewelry – Since I never buy the fashion flair for myself, it’s such a treat to get it from someone.
  • Holiday decor – I’ll take Santa. I’ll take snowmen. Reindeer are always welcome here. It can be in the form of a statue, doll, music box, candle holder, kitchen bowl/plate, pillow, towel, yard ornament, tree ornament – if it has one of the symbols of the season, I’ll display it.
  • As Seen On TV dodads – I never did get the Snuggie. Sad face. I’m lucky enough to have the Magic Bullet and Paint Buddy though. Two of my faves.
  • Random, store-suggested gifts – For example, stationery, magnets, frames, platters, movies, hot cocoa kit/specialty kits, coasters, book of the moment. Some people may think they were thoughtless gifts, I see them as fun finds!

I’ve been thinking about all the gifts that teachers can get from their students. That must be incredible. I often wonder what things they decide to keep over giving away. I’m pretty sure our neighbor re-gifts some of her teacher treasures but that’s fine by me! So far, we’ve gotten a glass cutting board, some festive holiday towels, a cutesy reindeer candle holder and Hickory Farms. That’s right, the Hickory Farms box of sausage and cheese is upstairs. Best presents ever!

Hope you got what you wanted!

25 Dec

Hooray for Christmas!

Christmas Beauty

He really wanted this!

The Santa Charade

22 Dec

How far does it go?  How did our parents pull it off for as long as they did?  This is a hard lie to live.

It’s fairly simple for the first two years of life.  Heck, they can be right there as you load up the shopping cart with tons of toys/stuff that “Santa” is supposed to bring them.  They just sit there in their car seat buckets drooling or snoozing or, if they’re older, happily playing with that distraction toy/snack you brought with you.  They are none the wiser.  Then, they become aware.  Very.  Very. Aware.

Things change big time.  You now have to plan how you will divide and conquer the shopping while they are with you in the store.  A strategic placement of a coat or purse is necessary.  One parent must divert the child’s attention as the other loads up the cart or checks out.  Sure, one of you can go by yourself and knock it out easily but sometimes we’re just out together and it’s convenient. Well, sort of.

As if buying these presents that “Santa” is supposedly making with his elves up at the North Pole isn’t deceitful enough, we go and make it even more of a lie.

  • “Those are “Santa’s” helpers at the mall.  You tell them what you want and then they let “Santa” know.”
  • “‘Santa’ is watching you.”  (Sure, I guess technically, we are watching but it just doesn’t have the same impact on them if I say “Mommy is watching you.”  They’re like so?)
  • “Better be good or “Santa” will only bring you a lump of coal.”  (Like I’m really going to only give the kids lumps of coal – besides, I don’t even know where to find a lump.)

As I continue this charade, I’ve run into a few questions/quandaries:

  • How do you explain to kids why you need to remember those who are less fortunate by getting gifts for them too – why wouldn’t Santa just deliver them gifts too?  He seems like a pretty nice guy.  I really don’t think he wouldn’t get little Johnny a gift just because his mommy and daddy don’t make that much money.
  • Do kids really not notice that some things have price tags on it.  Santa’s workshop needs to make a buck too I guess.
  • I’m pretty sure Nia would notice that a few of her presents have the Best Buy logo on them.  Maybe Santa ran out of that movie he made and needed to swing buy the store to get more?
  • You even gotta remember to hide the wrapping paper.  Andrew caught that one.  He bought some on the sly and hid it so that all the “Santa” delivered gifts would be wrapped in that special paper.  The one problem with it is that I really can’t use the leftovers.  I know Nia would notice.  What would I say then?  Oh, Santa left me some extra paper.  Right, cause I got connections with Mr. Claus like that.
  • I’m pretty sure it’s not a good idea to pretend that you are Santa on the phone.  Andrew thought he was doing a good thing.  Nate really wanted to tell Santa something so Andrew went outside and I called his cell.  He disguised his voice really well – Nate bought it but not Nia.  When Andrew walked back into the room, Nia said, “Was that you daddy?  It was you with a silly voice.”  Andrew and I had to hide our faces and flat out lied.  No!  Why would daddy do that?

It’s all meant to make cherished memories, right?

Santa Needs to Make an Exchange

2 Dec

Barbie.  Check

Pink Nintendo DS.  Check.

Games (including the one with the princess) to go with the DS.  Check.

High School Musical DVD.  Reluctant, but check.

A few books, other Barbie doo-dahs and princess thing-a-ma-jigs. Check.

I thought we were covered.  Sure, she’ll see a commercial or a picture of a toy and tell us she wants it for Christmas, but we knew we could get away with skipping those “I wants.”

Christmas 2008

 Then, the kids visited this guy –

Of course she tells him she wants something we haven’t purchased.  Something she’s never even mentioned to us.  “A Tinkerbell doll with wings that flap.”

What?  The official request to Mr. Claus would be just fine if we weren’t already over-budget on Nia’s presents.

It looks like we’ll be trading in one want for another.  After all, that want wasn’t directly delivered to The Man.

At least we got Nate’s request right.  “A Thomas that goes chugga-chugga, peeeep-peeeeeep!”

He’s asked us for that exact thing two or three times a day for the past week.  Almost to verify that he will indeed be getting the “Thomas that goes chugga-chugga, peeeep-peeeeeep!”

Boy am I relieved that it is currently hiding out in a closet.

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