Party Plans and a “Pinana”

2 Jan

Nate had big plans (and worries) for his 5th birthday party:

  • He kept reminding us what day his party was on – even if he had the day wrong because he didn’t want to wait until Sunday. On Wednesday, he told us that his party was on Friday. I guess he just wanted to make sure we didn’t forget it was coming.
  • He was concerned that we might discipline his friends. While Nate was taking a shower one night, I saw him peek out of the curtain and tell Andrew, “If my friends are bad at my party, you don’t give them spankings.” Not sure where that one came from but it made us chuckle.
  • He wasn’t happy until he was sure Joey wouldn’t bother his friends during the party. Before bed one night he asked, “Can we put Joey outside for my party? I don’t want him to bite anyone or bark at anyone.”
  • Black olives and pickles were a must on the menu. (And Honey made plenty of pigs-in-a-blanket, his new favorite snack.)
  • He wouldn’t rest until he knew his friend Madeline was coming. “Did you call Madeline yet, mommy?” “Did you call Madeline’s mommy yet, mommy?” (Thank goodness she came!)
  • He planned and announced over and over again that Madeline and his other special friend, Ella Grace, would sit next to him for cake and ice cream. (A picture below will show this came true.)
  • At first, he wanted to wear church clothes to his soiree. That eventually turned into a tie, with Super Mario socks stuffed into his shoes. (He said the tie would make him look handsome.)
Nate and His Necktie

"Pinana" Time!

Andrew also had big plans for Nate’s party. He constructed the pinata (or as Nate kept calling it, a pinana). He made it out of paper mache and it was intense. So intense, the strings on it broke. The kids still got their goodies though and it seems they had some fun when they got to swing at it. We let Nate finish it off, of course.

From the weeks before it to the hours after, Nate seemed to really love his party. He gave everyone hugs and would yell their names when he opened the door and saw them. Sweet, birthday boy. I’m so glad you loved your party. Now, we have a whole year to plan your next one. (Andrew, you may want to think about stronger string.)

Tie Off = Party's Over

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