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Party Plans and a “Pinana”

2 Jan

Nate had big plans (and worries) for his 5th birthday party:

  • He kept reminding us what day his party was on – even if he had the day wrong because he didn’t want to wait until Sunday. On Wednesday, he told us that his party was on Friday. I guess he just wanted to make sure we didn’t forget it was coming.
  • He was concerned that we might discipline his friends. While Nate was taking a shower one night, I saw him peek out of the curtain and tell Andrew, “If my friends are bad at my party, you don’t give them spankings.” Not sure where that one came from but it made us chuckle.
  • He wasn’t happy until he was sure Joey wouldn’t bother his friends during the party. Before bed one night he asked, “Can we put Joey outside for my party? I don’t want him to bite anyone or bark at anyone.”
  • Black olives and pickles were a must on the menu. (And Honey made plenty of pigs-in-a-blanket, his new favorite snack.)
  • He wouldn’t rest until he knew his friend Madeline was coming. “Did you call Madeline yet, mommy?” “Did you call Madeline’s mommy yet, mommy?” (Thank goodness she came!)
  • He planned and announced over and over again that Madeline and his other special friend, Ella Grace, would sit next to him for cake and ice cream. (A picture below will show this came true.)
  • At first, he wanted to wear church clothes to his soiree. That eventually turned into a tie, with Super Mario socks stuffed into his shoes. (He said the tie would make him look handsome.)
Nate and His Necktie

"Pinana" Time!

Andrew also had big plans for Nate’s party. He constructed the pinata (or as Nate kept calling it, a pinana). He made it out of paper mache and it was intense. So intense, the strings on it broke. The kids still got their goodies though and it seems they had some fun when they got to swing at it. We let Nate finish it off, of course.

From the weeks before it to the hours after, Nate seemed to really love his party. He gave everyone hugs and would yell their names when he opened the door and saw them. Sweet, birthday boy. I’m so glad you loved your party. Now, we have a whole year to plan your next one. (Andrew, you may want to think about stronger string.)

Tie Off = Party's Over

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New Year’s Eve Pizza Party

1 Jan

The kids I thought it would be fun (and yummy) to celebrate New Year’s with a new tradition – a pizza party. Here is a little video of the fun!


Bouncy Birthday

28 Apr
Nia’s 6th birthday bash was a blast!  As usual, all of my pre-party stressing was for nothing.  Everything turned out just fine – there was plenty of favors and food for everyone, the only tears shed were from a little boy whose mom didn’t let him get a temporary tattoo, only one “I’m Nia’s best friend” argument was overheard (thanks Paul! Also, Nia handled it super, saying “You can have more than one best friend.”) and the princess of the party seemed pleased throughout!
Out of all the moonwalk businesses out there, I’m so glad I picked our town’s jumpy place.  Our group had the entire space to ourselves and the owner and worker were so accommodating and nice, they really helped us create great memories.

I’m just so glad Nia enjoyed herself.  I’m finding it’s getting harder to keep coming up with different, fun ways to celebrate the kids’ birthdays.  After this party, it seems like we can’t go wrong with jumpy places!

Love you Sweets!

Birthday Bliss

Oh, Happy Day!

29 Apr

Blur of Excitement

Yep.  Nia’s face in that picture pretty much sums it all up.  Her 5th birthday bash was a blast!  There was plenty of jumping, screaming, prizes and junk food for everyone but there was also a significant amount of stressing on my part prior to all that.  The forecast of “isolated thunderstorms” really had all of the outdoor party plans up in the air.  The sun teased us throughout the afternoon but then finally came through for us as you can see!

Happy Birthday Jumping Bean

It’s actually kind of funny because in the end, I think the chance of rain helped make the party a success because we had to hurry to make sure everyone got to play the games and that kept the party from lasting forever and ever.  Although, I think that would have been just fine with Nia and her friends!

They couldn’t get enough of the fun and loot.  A few of them kept asking me, “How can I win more prizes?”  They each walked away with bags full of popcorn, candy and toys, plus cotton candy.  Andrew even let one family take a whole box of pizza home with them!  I bet you want to come to our next party right? We might have to charge admission  though!

The kids certainly weren’t the only ones who had a great time.  My mom (“Honey”) found some super cool clown gear during one of her party supply shopping sprees and we just couldn’t pass up the chance to be goofy too!

She definitely deserved to have as much fun as possible after creating Nia’s adorable and delicious cake.  She even made it two flavors and made the icing from scratch!  It was hilarious watching her ice it with the vultures, I mean kids, hovering.  Nia kept leaning over it and putting her fingers too close for comfort.  Every time Nia or Nate got near it, we would gasp.  When it was finally finished, Honey actually shed a few tears of relief and joy!

Nia’s party even had a little bit of Savannah at it.  Our good friend Paul’s arrival at the party brought huge smiles to Nia and Nate’s faces and it was so wonderful to have the Heidels celebrate all weekend long with us.  It means the world that they were here through all of it (thanks for not slapping me silly when I kept stressing about the rain) and I’m very happy that Miss Cami had a nice time.  (Minus the moonwalk though. Poor sweetie.  She just wasn’t having it.)

Soothing her sweetie's moonwalk stress

Now, it’s on to planning the next party.  I’m thinking I’d like to have it somewhere where I don’t have to worry about mother nature or decorating.  Then again, none of that stuff mattered to Nia so why should I let it worry me?  As long as Nia and Nate are happy, that’s all that’s important.

I think she had fun. What do you think?


The Sweetest of the Sweet

14 Feb

Nate and I crashed Nia’s Valentine’s Day party at her school today and I captured our little sweetie getting ready to dig in to her sweets –

Happy Little Valentine

They passed out cupcakes and chips for the students and Nia made sure her uninvited little brother didn’t miss out – holding her cupcake out for Nate to sample and loading him up with cheesy Doritos.

What more can I say?  That’s what Valentine’s Day is to me – love.  Pure and simple.

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