Sleep Time Struggle

4 Jan

After last night’s battle around bedtime, I am now sitting on the steps trying to Super Nanny style Nate to sleep.

So far, he’s ventured out three times. The first time, he said he had to tell us something. I just walked him back to his room, tucked him in and said it’s night-night time. The second time, he acted afraid and said he heard a noise. I walked him back, said nothing and tucked him in. The third time, he came out crying about his finger – telling me to “look at it!” This was harder to not acknowledge. I did it though. Said nothing and tucked him in, again.

I know he is fine because I haven’t heard a peep from him since but I have a feeling he’s not finished with his anti-sleep schemes. This is tough. I hope it works. It’s hurting my heart and my bottom. (The carpet and padding on these steps are worn.) I’d love it right now if someone told me to go to sleep. I know I wouldn’t get out of bed. Mommy sleepy.

*He got out of bed again around 11:00. I think he had fallen asleep and woke up thinking, “I’m supposed to get out of bed again.” We still didn’t speak to him…

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