Surviving the Southern Snow

12 Jan

If you want to make days stuck in the house surrounded by unmelting, unsalted and unplowed snow really awesome, have your birthday during it.

I swear, I never wished for such a thing. Maybe it had something to do with me wishing for more time with the family. Snow made that happen. In fact, I’m so content on my family quality time that I’m pretty sure my next wish will involve a pedicure or massage.

It’s not that it wasn’t nice to be together. It’s just it was really together. For three days. Stuck in the house. For three days.

The first day was my birthday and they surprised me with the cute Jessica Simpson purse I wanted. I woke up last and Nia asked me for something out of my purse. When I went to get it, I saw the new one in the old one’s place. Fun! The rest of the day featured an attempt to explore the snow (it was sleeting so we made a quick exit), Wii hilarity with Nate and Andrew, a 500 piece puzzle completed by all of us (Nate rocked it), some Yahtzee playing and tiny burgers (that Andrew grilled out in the snow) that served as my cake.

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The second and third days can be summed up like this: board games, video games, Barbie school day, iCarly watching, fort building, car playing, help me in the kitchen training (Nia peeled half a potato) and we actually got to get out for a bit and enjoy (risk our bones on) the slippery ice-covered snow:

If I had one regret about the snowed-in time together, I wish I would’ve stopped for longer to see it all through the kids’ eyes. For me (and probably other grown-ups), it was a little bit of wow mixed with stir-craziness, inconvenience and stress. For them, it was five days off from school and carefree spirits. They weren’t “stuck in the snow” or “surviving it”, they were happily “snowed-in!”

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