Our Alarm Clock(s)

16 Jan

The following is a rough account of waking up each morning. Since I am mostly still asleep, my accuracy may be off by an alarm or four.

The digital clock lights up 5:20 am and the alarm sounds. It’s mine. The radio talks to us or plays us the latest pop tune. We sleep. I finally hear it at about 5:27 after Andrew nudges me with his leg. Snooze.

The next alarm sounds from Andrew’s side of the bed at 5:35. It is an awful beeping alert that we somehow continue to sleep through until another alarm blares – his cellphone screams some military trumpet call to us. It doesn’t go off until he solves some math problem that unlocks the snooze. I now am awake, but I am cranky. It is 5:50. Ish.

This is the typical week alarm ritual. On weekends, our alarm is much more charming and the snooze button is a little trickier to figure out.

Nate’s little head greets us usually starting at 6:30. He tells us he had a “good sleep” and requests a large breakfast. (Eggs and sausage or ham are his usual menu items.) Today though, it was different. He asked us if the Falcons won the football game last night. Andrew sweetly told him no and Nate gave an “oh man” whine. Then he inquired, “How much did they have? And the other team?”  We assured him it was ok because he’ll still get to see the Steelers play. To that, he left the room and, knowing he was content and going to play cars, mommy and daddy dozed a tad more. It is the weekend, after all. Snooze.

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