Keeping his enemy closer?

22 Jan

Nate’s relationship with his glow-in-the-dark Hulk has taken an unusual turn. He used to have a fear of his glowing green guy. I wrote about it almost a year ago when we caught him on hidden camera escorting Hulk from his room.

Now, he requires us to “charge” Hulk each night so that he can have him nice and bright. It is such a necessity to have Hulk bright that he will often tell us that there is still “green” on him. That means Hulk is not glowing to Nate’s satisfaction.

I can’t figure this new night-night obsession out. I really believe it is a “keeping his enemy closer” thing. Why else would Hulk often be found buried way under the covers (like foot-of-the-bed-buried) in the morning?

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