From Disappointment to When’s Our Appointment?

28 Mar

Is it possible to say you had a good time at the doctor’s office? A doctor visit with a finger prick, urine test and shots? Also, a doctor visit involving two children under the age 8? Who would really feel like, “Whee! I’m taking my kids to be stabbed with a needle! Party!” Um, no. That’s why I can’t believe how awesome it is to take the kids their doctor now.

I used to dread it. When we first moved here, our doctor visits were agony. (All three of those < links in the previous sentence will share the past doctor drama with you.) I’m not saying I now look forward to a shot in the arm visit, but the kids’ new doctor’s office makes it worlds (WORLDS) better.

This doctor’s office never makes you feel like you are bothering them or that you were forgotten about while waiting. They send encouraging messages to parents like, “You are doing a great job with your children.” They talk to the kids and to parents, not at us. They genuinely seem to care about our children – what they do for fun, how they are doing in school what’s their favorite activity. They draw smiley faces and hearts on the hospital gown/shorts the kids wear during checkups. They know beneficial tricks to help make things like shots and strep tests less uncomfortable or scary for kids. (Not like when I had to forcibly hold toddler Nate down on the table at the last doctor.)

What’s even more cool about their doctor now is the Treasure Tower. The kids were given coins that would grant them the goody of their choice. (Our nurse gave the kids two each because Nate broke her heart with his pre-shot puppy dog tears. He and Nia both handled the shots like tough guys though. Not even a sniffle when the needle went in!) Along with the treasure of their choice, they got stickers and I also added a Chick-Fil-A milkshake to their after-shot spoiling. I’m pretty sure the kids won’t mind when we have to go back for the next check-up. Party at the pediatrician. Whee!


Coins for Treasure Tower


Shots in Arms, Milkshakes in Bellies


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