Dragon Collector

16 May

Knights armed with swords and shields. Horse-riding heroes on a dangerous quest to save thee fair maiden. Or heck, even ogres or zany donkeys. They all have battled fierce, flying and fire-breathing dragons. I know of one little girl though who can also claim to be a dragon tamer. She doesn’t use weapons like those characters did and the dragons she conquers are not dangerous but her story should still be revered.

To defeat her dragons, she uses the magically polite powers of being Ready, Respectful and Responsible – her school’s motto and pledge. For that, she earns the praise of her teachers and principal and a Dragon, her school mascot.

Her school gives these Dragon Awards out every nine weeks to the boy and girl in each class who possess those powers. For Nia, she’s captured three Dragon Awards in three years. Quite the collector.

So proud of her! (And somewhat fearful of her powers too.)


Be Afraid Ye Dragons!


Dragon Collection

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