Mama Said X You Out

16 May

You better watch. Being X’ed is just one of two funny technology encounters I had with my mom during her recent visit.

  • We were discussing how convenient it is that facebook allows you to hide people or activities that you don’t particularly enjoy. Instead of her verbalizing it in that way though, she said, “Oh yeah. I just X them out if they get annoying.” I told her I’m going to start using the phrase for all my annoyances now. Someone just cut in front of you in line, “X you, man!” Need a great threat to intimidate someone? “I’m so gonna X you out.”
  • Andrew has his phone’s notifications set to make the Angry Bird sound, “Whee!” My mom heard it and asked what it was. I told her that it’s the sound an Angry Bird makes. She gave me a puzzled look and responded, “Huh?! How do you know what sound an angry bird makes? They are way up there in the sky.” We laughed and laughed and then gave her an entertaining look at the silly sounding birds.

Thanks for the laughs, Lady! And for being such a good sport about it.

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