Must Disregard Proper Social Behavior to Enter

27 May

I mean, the carnival wasn’t all that bad. It’s just, ew. When did I become such a proper adult? I really am not all that proper. In fact, sometimes, my manners are lost behind my belches, holy jeans and loud talking. But:

Why aren’t you wearing a shirt, sir? We are not at the pool, lake or beach. And what ever happened to hygiene? The whiffs of body odor mixed with cigarette smoke made my stomach turn more than the spinning rides. And what about just a little decency for other people? Crowding and foul language are pretty much typical at any event like this but we saw one woman move her child to another seat because she didn’t like her daughter sitting in the same car as another child. (Andrew and I believe it involved a race issue. So disgustingly sad.)


I suppose these are all adult things to witness and let influence our experience. Nia and Nate didn’t have a clue about any of it. All they knew was that the rides were AWESOME (especially the pirate ship one that Nia wanted to ride over and over again and the spinning tea cups that cracked us up watching them get dizzier than they’ve ever dizzied themselves before) and that the $5 cotton candy and the $5 funnel cake were AWESOME.

I often try to look at situations through their eyes, so I won’t be such a proper adult. It’s hard though when our children act more proper than so many adults. Even when they are out-of-their minds with excitement because they are having, “the best night ever,” as Nia described it. I’m so glad they did. That makes it all worth it for me.

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