Summer Camp – First Week

27 May

Happy Campers

The first week of summer camp held a lot of emotions for us. I was nervous about having Nate in a new place and in a place that I knew he wouldn’t be able to get that mood-changing nap that he still needs. The first day brought tears from Nate – and me. He cried because he learned he wouldn’t be in Nia’s group. I cried because he was so sad and I was worried about him. By the end of the day, as it usually is, smiles replaced his tears and he couldn’t wait to go back. Nia was fine through it all. She’s pretty adaptable which is awesome. Now, they are both enjoying all that camp has to offer.

Each day they have Bible time, sing camp songs, play sports and swim. Each week offers a different theme to teach them about new things. Their first week was “Western Week.” I love the crafts/art they brought home:

Cowgirl Vest and Bandana Crafts

Cactus Art

I love her captions on her "western" picture.

I think I may be as excited as they are to learn what theme is next and hear some new camp songs. “Hermie the Worm” is cute but I’m ready to have another one sung to me on repeat.

See ya next week!

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