Home Run for Kindness

31 May

Spilled Corn

The Gwinnett Braves may have lost on Monday night but Nia won in acts of kindness while we were there.

When her little brother spilled a good bit of his bag of popcorn on the ground, she didn’t even hesitate with her selfless actions. She scooped several handfuls of her popcorn into his bag. It. Was. Beautiful. For all their picking on each other, it’s so wonderful to witness such a unprompted display of sharing. She didn’t stop there either. She continued to share her snack long after Nate had eaten his last kernel.

Sure. The G-Braves got crushed 12-2 but we got to see some great plays, exciting foul balls that flew above and near our section (Nate was ready to catch them), incredible fireworks and a whole lotta big sister sweetness. Great night at the ballpark.


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