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Team of the Night Memories

20 Jun

Chopper and the Orioles

They played a fun season of tee-ball as the Orioles and got to celebrate it all while creating lasting memories as the Team of the Night at the Gwinnett Braves.

Moments I will cherish include:

  • How Nate was excited to get some players’ autographs without having any idea really what the word autograph means.
  • How he told me an hour before the event that he was going to hold his hat on his heart for the “prayer.” (National Anthem)
  • How Nate held his hat on his heart and stood so still and silent during the National Anthem.
  • How he trotted in pace with the First Baseman, Mauro Gomez, as they took the field while both of their names were announced to the stadium.
  • How he looked so tiny compared to the 6’2″ player while standing at First Base.
  • How he didn’t look scared while standing a field away from me next to that 6’2″ player he didn’t know except from “He’s number 30! He hits home runs!”
  • How he loved sitting and watching the game with is teammates and then couldn’t sit still because a mock game of their own started.
  • How he picked the green eyeball that hasn’t won all season and it WON.
  • How he got to pose for a picture with Chopper – something he’s been wanting to do for some time now.

I wonder what he’ll remember most from all of it. Every bit of it made him beam. Even the score. G-Braves won, 8-2.

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Father’s Day at the Baseball Field

19 Jun

Dugout Moment

As part of Andrew’s Father’s Day gifts, he got to experience the Gwinnett Braves‘ dugout for a family picture (and a whiff of hard-working player aroma), play catch with the family on the outfield next to the players, have his name on the scoreboard (although we missed it) – and – he was treated to a pint glass proudly donning the logo for the G-Braves. (You know that’s what I really wanted to get him.)

I’m not sure who loved it all more – Andrew or Nate. I think Andrew did because Nate’s happiness and excitement is such a great gift for him. Especially when Nate caught the practice game ball from one of the other team’s players. The player went to throw it to Nate but then hesitated – probably because he wasn’t sure if it would be safe to throw it to him because of his size. Nate was ready for it though – glove out and face telling the player, “I got this.” He sure did too. The player and the people around us all cheered and looked shocked at Nate’s catch. Way to go, buddy. That made daddy so very happy and will be a special Father’s Day memory for all of us.

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Home Run for Kindness

31 May

Spilled Corn

The Gwinnett Braves may have lost on Monday night but Nia won in acts of kindness while we were there.

When her little brother spilled a good bit of his bag of popcorn on the ground, she didn’t even hesitate with her selfless actions. She scooped several handfuls of her popcorn into his bag. It. Was. Beautiful. For all their picking on each other, it’s so wonderful to witness such a unprompted display of sharing. She didn’t stop there either. She continued to share her snack long after Nate had eaten his last kernel.

Sure. The G-Braves got crushed 12-2 but we got to see some great plays, exciting foul balls that flew above and near our section (Nate was ready to catch them), incredible fireworks and a whole lotta big sister sweetness. Great night at the ballpark.


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