Summer Camp – Week Three

11 Jun

Week three of summer camp featured all the usual fun like swimming, new songs and games, but it also offered lessons on staying safe (Safety was this week’s theme) and baseball-packed mornings for Nate.

Nate loved crashing the ages 6 and up baseball camp. From what he tells us, he held his own with the older boys and by the look of his uniform at the end of each day, it seemed that way. Sweaty, dirty and STINK-y. He learned how to bunt and met new friends who taught him how to notrespect the pouch.” He still giggles about it.

During summer camp, the kids met with police officers, firefighters, a member of SWAT and the American Red Cross. They told me they learned about everything from tornadoes to fires and “not to pick up guns if you find some.” The fire lesson really bothered Nate. He told me before bed one night that he wished our house was smaller and that our roof was “down there,” pointing to the second story’s floor. He said that way he wouldn’t have to worry about jumping out of a window, he just could.

I suppose with knowledge often comes fear – and a mommy and daddy to comfort them.


Police Swag


Pretty cool caption, Nia.


Escape Plan!


Nate's Baseball Camp Certificate



One Response to “Summer Camp – Week Three”

  1. Noelle June 15, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    This is super cool. Shaun got to go to some of the schools in the winter and talk to them about safety. He loved it!

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