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Summer Camp – Green Week

26 Jun

The fifth week of Summer Camp was a milestone maker and a green one. Nate is now officially swimming without any floaties! He and Nia finished swimming lessons and he is now a floatie-free fish while Nia is our little Back Stroke Bean.

The green part of the week featured crafts with recycled materials and a lesson that I don’t think translated well with Nia. She told me the woman told them, “Don’t wash your car in your driveway because it can kill the fish and hurt things.” Yay, green!

Out of all their crafts for the week, Nia is most proud of her recycled bottle bird feeder. She can’t wait for us to hang it outside for birds to visit. I couldn’t wait for her to use her bookmark. We placed it at the start of Chapter 2 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I’m technically being green with that book too – being that I’ve read the series several times and am now recycling them with Nia.

Cardboard Bookmark


Bottle Bird Feeder


Sunshine Plate and Egg Carton Flower Planter


Swim Lesson Success!

Summer Camp – Week Four

19 Jun

What a fun week for the kids at camp! They started swimming lessons and told us about their accomplishments each day. (“Guess what?! I went in six feet today!”) And, not only did they make their crafts, but they got to eat them as well!

The theme was about cooking and food. The kids drew pictures about food, made rice and bean beach scenes and made noodle necklaces which I have pictures of below. But the edible art they created, naturally, didn’t make it home. They made ants on a log and trail mix and then munched them up.

I think the cooking week inspired Nia to help at dinner too. The other night she helped with green beans and watched as I made beefy noodles, asking questions about the seasoning and why I was doing what I was doing. Nate tasted the green beans and told her, “Yum, Nia! You made these? They are good!” He made her so happy. She gave him such a sweet smile and looked at me like, “That was special, huh, momma?”


Nate's Food Art


Nia's Noodle Necklace

Rice and Bean Beach Scene

Summer Camp – Week Three

11 Jun

Week three of summer camp featured all the usual fun like swimming, new songs and games, but it also offered lessons on staying safe (Safety was this week’s theme) and baseball-packed mornings for Nate.

Nate loved crashing the ages 6 and up baseball camp. From what he tells us, he held his own with the older boys and by the look of his uniform at the end of each day, it seemed that way. Sweaty, dirty and STINK-y. He learned how to bunt and met new friends who taught him how to notrespect the pouch.” He still giggles about it.

During summer camp, the kids met with police officers, firefighters, a member of SWAT and the American Red Cross. They told me they learned about everything from tornadoes to fires and “not to pick up guns if you find some.” The fire lesson really bothered Nate. He told me before bed one night that he wished our house was smaller and that our roof was “down there,” pointing to the second story’s floor. He said that way he wouldn’t have to worry about jumping out of a window, he just could.

I suppose with knowledge often comes fear – and a mommy and daddy to comfort them.


Police Swag


Pretty cool caption, Nia.


Escape Plan!


Nate's Baseball Camp Certificate



Summer Camp – Week Two

6 Jun

The second week of summer camp was a shortened one with Memorial Day off, Nate at baseball camp for part of one day and a Daddy’s Day Off on Friday – but the kids still brought home some art for us to admire. The theme for the week was “Things Outside.” When I asked Nia what she learned about, her response was, “I don’t know.” How fascinating. I did get a few nuggets of wisdom from her involving her art:


"Stick bugs look weird but I already knew that."


"These are sail-man hats." She made hers at camp but then came home and made me a special one. Extra awesome.

Nate brought home one of his drawings and he asked me to, “Find the wasp, Mommy.” I felt so bad as I pointed at just about everything on the paper, never once hitting the wasp. He laughed at my silliness because he just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t see that wasp.


Betcha can't find the wasp in Nate's drawing. Nope. That's not it.

They may not be retaining everything they learn while at summer camp but it seems this fish’s face sums up the time they are having there.


Love Nia's Happy Face Hand Fish

Summer Camp – First Week

27 May

Happy Campers

The first week of summer camp held a lot of emotions for us. I was nervous about having Nate in a new place and in a place that I knew he wouldn’t be able to get that mood-changing nap that he still needs. The first day brought tears from Nate – and me. He cried because he learned he wouldn’t be in Nia’s group. I cried because he was so sad and I was worried about him. By the end of the day, as it usually is, smiles replaced his tears and he couldn’t wait to go back. Nia was fine through it all. She’s pretty adaptable which is awesome. Now, they are both enjoying all that camp has to offer.

Each day they have Bible time, sing camp songs, play sports and swim. Each week offers a different theme to teach them about new things. Their first week was “Western Week.” I love the crafts/art they brought home:

Cowgirl Vest and Bandana Crafts

Cactus Art

I love her captions on her "western" picture.

I think I may be as excited as they are to learn what theme is next and hear some new camp songs. “Hermie the Worm” is cute but I’m ready to have another one sung to me on repeat.

See ya next week!

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