Summer Camp – Week Four

19 Jun

What a fun week for the kids at camp! They started swimming lessons and told us about their accomplishments each day. (“Guess what?! I went in six feet today!”) And, not only did they make their crafts, but they got to eat them as well!

The theme was about cooking and food. The kids drew pictures about food, made rice and bean beach scenes and made noodle necklaces which I have pictures of below. But the edible art they created, naturally, didn’t make it home. They made ants on a log and trail mix and then munched them up.

I think the cooking week inspired Nia to help at dinner too. The other night she helped with green beans and watched as I made beefy noodles, asking questions about the seasoning and why I was doing what I was doing. Nate tasted the green beans and told her, “Yum, Nia! You made these? They are good!” He made her so happy. She gave him such a sweet smile and looked at me like, “That was special, huh, momma?”


Nate's Food Art


Nia's Noodle Necklace

Rice and Bean Beach Scene

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