Summer Camp – Green Week

26 Jun

The fifth week of Summer Camp was a milestone maker and a green one. Nate is now officially swimming without any floaties! He and Nia finished swimming lessons and he is now a floatie-free fish while Nia is our little Back Stroke Bean.

The green part of the week featured crafts with recycled materials and a lesson that I don’t think translated well with Nia. She told me the woman told them, “Don’t wash your car in your driveway because it can kill the fish and hurt things.” Yay, green!

Out of all their crafts for the week, Nia is most proud of her recycled bottle bird feeder. She can’t wait for us to hang it outside for birds to visit. I couldn’t wait for her to use her bookmark. We placed it at the start of Chapter 2 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I’m technically being green with that book too – being that I’ve read the series several times and am now recycling them with Nia.

Cardboard Bookmark


Bottle Bird Feeder


Sunshine Plate and Egg Carton Flower Planter


Swim Lesson Success!

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