Our “American” Weekend

4 Jul

We practiced a few American traditions this July 4th weekend. We didn’t even have plans for most of it. We bought the tickets to the Braves vs. Orioles game a few months ago but other than that, it was all pretty loosey goosey.

  • There was baseball to watch live and baseball for Nate to play with Andrew.
  • We swam for a bit but Nate has a problem with swallowing too much water and then showing everyone what he ate. (All over the pool deck and some on me. Poor buddy.)
  • We took in two shows of fireworks. (The Atlanta Braves’ show was incredible. The Auburn show was hindered by a building in the way and some firecrackers in the parking lot. The kids still had a blast though.)
  • The kids experience and loved their first Independence Day Parade – complete with thrown candy.
  • Porch Swing!

    We contributed to the economy by spending money at a local furniture store. (After years of wanting one, we finally have a porch swing and our board game end table is no more!)
  • Andrew grilled and did some handy work (including mowing our neighbor’s grass and hanging the swing).
  • Nia and I baked a bundt pound cake and it turned out great!
  • Nate’s fear of sparklers has mellowed. He’s still a bit apprehensive but this year he actually wanted to hold them.

As you just read, through it all, there were high points and low points but in keeping with Nia’s positive attitude about it, “It was better than nothing.” Such wise words for a small child. Right after that though, she offered up a few complaints about not getting to be at the pool enough. There’s my American girl. A balance of sweet and sour, fair and unfair, positive and negative, watching her iCarly, dancing in her room to Katy Perry and listening to her Big Time Rush. (They played in the background as we drove to many of our 4th celebrations and the kids screamed and laughed as Andrew danced and made the car “dance” with him.)

Here’s some of our festive fun captured in photos:

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