Little Brother Love

11 Jul

He got out if bed and didn’t walk, blankey in hand, to the living room to turn on baseball highlights like he usually does. Instead, he walked, blankey in hand, to his window. I know this because the blind was tilted, giving him a view of the driveway and Papa and Lola’s car.

Spying the car, he emerged sleepy-eyed from his room and headed straight to Nia’s room, asking with a sad voice, “Nia leaves for West Virginia today?” A just-awake Nia consoled him, “Don’t cry Na-Nate.” He leaned against her bed to hug her, her arms wrapped around his neck for a sweet minute. “I’ll be home soon. You’ll have fun with mommy and daddy, ok? I’ll call you before bed each night.” He rubbed his eyes and told her, all better, “Ok.”

They hugged a few more times before she left and even had one of their usual sibling squabbles (over a video game Nia is taking with her). I think Nate will miss the game almost as much as he’ll miss his big sis. Mostly because he now can’t lie next to her and watch her play it, giggling and cheering her on with each awesome move she makes on the screen. I suppose it will give them something to talk about on the phone. “What world are you on now? Did you beat such and such?”

We’ll soon see. That first phone call is only hours away.

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