New School Year Odds and Ends

7 Aug

Some things I want to remember about the new school year that starts tomorrow-


Nia is one of only six girls in her class. There are 17 boys. Seems odd to me but we’ll see.

I had to google what the school breakfast is for the first day. I have never heard of a “frudel” before. I suppose it’s good the kids are introduced to new foods.

Speaking of breakfast, we will be paying for Nate to have a daily “second breakfast” because he will eat at home and then may want to eat again when the rest of his class does. Second breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

This is not so much odd but more special to me – Andrew told me to sign him up for the PTO when I sign myself up. Just thought it was cool that he wants to help/be involved like that.


I’ve completed the same paperwork information for each child three times. If you count the same info that I filled out in the previous years, you need to multiply that amount by four. (I need to go back to school to solve that math problem and know how to answer some of the questions on the form.)

Both Nia and Nate had three shopping bags each of school supplies to take to their classrooms. We brought it to open house because it was too heavy for any one adult to carry let alone Nia or Nate.

Andrew informed Nate that we want him to wear nice pants for three days of the week and his fast pants for the two gym days. Nate is not a fan of this mommy/daddy dress code rule…

I know I’m forgetting something.

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