Lessons Learned

8 Aug

The first day of Kindergarten is now logged in Nate’s red “Homework Folder” with a smiley face in the no sticks pulled column. He said his teacher told him he would have to pull a stick if he didn’t stay seated on his purple square at one point in the day. I’m so proud of him for choosing that square over the stick. Some other lessons learned:

  • He learned what it was like to walk to the bus stop and ride the big yellow school bus like he’s watched his sister do for the past three years. He loved it.
  • He learned about coloring and painting. That was the first thing he told me when I asked him about his day. He apparently colored a skunk – he didn’t elaborate. (Turns out, it was actually a raccoon.)
  • He learned that next year is 2012. Andrew asked him who taught him that and he told us his teacher did. Andrew reacted to that with a supportive “your teacher is pretty smart.” Nate took it further. “Yep! She’s smarter than momma and Nia and me and daddy!” Well, there it is.
  • He learned that some people just don’t know how to play a game called Sharks and Minnows at after school. “I kept tagging them out but they wouldn’t sit out. I told them, ‘I tagged you. I tagged you. I tagged you.'” We assured him it will be ok. Don’t worry about it.
  • I learned that Nia is a loving caregiver even when mommy and daddy aren’t looking. She told me she had Nate sit by the window of the school bus and in between her and her friend on the after school bus so that he wouldn’t fall out in the aisle. I also caught her holding his hand as they walked to the bus stop. Sweetie.
  • We learned that Nate really enjoys his homework. He wanted to read his book over and over and he was so proud of himself when he got the words right. I cherish that I was able to capture his joy in this picture:

Happy Reader

I’m so happy our little buddy had a great first day. I hope to see those smiles and the excitement continue through the school year. And I certainly won’t object to more smiley faces in that no sticks pulled column…

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