A Closer Look at Bean

12 Aug

I think I know Nia pretty well. I have her favorite music, tv shows, foods, colors and movies down. I know she loves to play school and uses her stuffed animals as students, takes forever in the restroom, must hug mommy and daddy twice before night-night and then plays with her Barbies in her bed before finally falling asleep. She has such a caring and sweet heart and is so smart. I do know her well but I was able to learn even more special things about her all thanks to a simple homework assignment called, “ABC’s of Me!” I copied the answers she wrote to the prompted sentences below. My favorites are A through Z.

A – An adventure I would like to have would be to meet some famous celebrities.

B – One of my favorite books is I don’t know because I like a lot of books. I read all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kids books.

C – The craziest thing I have ever done is run and throw a little ball at my brother.

D – The most difficult thing I have ever done is to swim from three feet to six feet.

Swimming from 3 feet to 6

E – The easiest subject in school is reading because I usually get good grades on reading tests.

F – One quality I look for in a friend is kindliness because I only should be with a nice friend.

G – I think greasy hair is really gross because I don’t like the way it feels.

H – My hope for this year is nobody makes fun of me.

I – A topic that interests me is animals because most animals are friendly.

J – Something that brings me joy is seeing people I haven’t seen in a long time because I’m happy to see them again.

K – If I were king of the world I would donate money to others that needed it.

L – I love to eat my dad’s grilled pizza because I like to eat Italian food.

M – If I had a million dollars I would share it with my family.

If I had a $1,000,000

N – I will never talk to a stranger because I don’t know them.

O – When I play outside, I like to enjoy the weather because I think it’s fun.

P – I am proud of myself for not getting in trouble because I shouldn’t get in trouble on the first week.

Q – A question I have wondered about is to ask my dad what his favorite subject was in school.

R – I respect people who respect me because the golden rule is treat others the way you want to be treated.

S – A sport I enjoy is bowling because I like wearing the shoes to play.

T – I would like to travel to the beach because I like playing in the ocean and finding sea shells.

U – Something unique about me is I was born on my due date.

V – My favorite vacation spot is West Virginia because I get to see my family.

W – I wish nobody would be very mean.

X – I get really eXcited when I know someone’s coming to visit.

Y – I always say “Yes!” when someone asks me to do my work because I have to.

Z – If I were a zoo animal, I would be a zebra because I like their patterns.

Alphabet Bean, I love the way you think.

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