He just felt like running…

13 Aug

Waving at the kids.

In the dark at 4 a.m.

That’s what time Andrew usually wakes up and leaves for his run – complete with a light he wears on his head (upgraded from the small flashlight he was carrying). He does it because it’s the best time for him. Cooler. Not as busy on the road. Great start to his day. But 4 a.m.

These before-the-crack-of-dawn runs are really paying off for him though. He feels healthier, lost weight, gained muscle and entered and succeeded in his first 5 and 10K’s. Now, his goal is to run in a 5K race each month. He says it’s motivation to help him keep running, since he pays money for the races. He signed up for a half-marathon in October and that’s what he’s working toward now (along with another 5k in a few weeks). I know he can’t wait to run on the beach during our upcoming vacation. He’s getting really tired (and somewhat creeped out) about running by the eerily lit cemetery on his typical morning route. That could help him run faster though…

So proud of you, Andrew. The kids and I love to cheer for you and now Nate wants to run in the one-mile kid races associated with your 5K’s. Such a positive example. I’m hoping it has that same effect on me – soon.

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