The Light Under the Door

15 Aug

“How did you know?” He asked me as I ushered him back in bed – a place where he should’ve been sound asleep some 30 minutes ago.

“I wasn’t making any noise. I was so quiet.” He adds, still confused about how I caught him with a baseball hat on his head, frozen mid-bend at his shelf – instead of sleeping. He was, “cleaning his room.” A room that was not a mess by any means.

I smile while tucking him in again, “Mommy will keep that a secret.”

I can’t let him know that it was because of the light glowing from under his door. How will I bust him next time?

His room was pretty clean though. He even had all his baseball hats sorted according to team. He made sure the one I removed from his head was placed in the appropriate stack.

Night-night, Delay Nate. Sweet dreams of a cleaner room and tidy baseball shelf.

The Tidy Shelf (My Cleaning)

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