“Where is baby Jesus?”

25 Dec

It was something I didn’t even notice. The baby Jesus – missing from the manger scene at church. Nia realized it right away and asked it as we walked by the display during communion. I whispered to her that the baby will appear at midnight, for his birthday. She loved that and it made me wish we treated our mangers the same way. That’s better than an elf who moves to a new spot each morning after reporting on a child’s behavior or Santa who brings you gifts if you’re not on the naughty list. Jesus loves you, no matter what. He gave us the greatest gift, even though many were not nice to him.

I hope as the years pass, they remember asking where baby Jesus was. I know I will always remember it and how they lifted their sweet voices in song to celebrate Jesus’ birth. How they sat next to Father Leo on the steps of the altar in front of the entire church and answered his questions about the meaning of Christmas and animatedly nodded. How Nate rested his head on Nia’s shoulder at one point during Mass and she didn’t shrug it away. That they remember the love, beauty and spirit of Christmas in the middle of the piles of presents and the cookies for Santa.

Merry. Christmas.

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