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Sign on the Solid Line, Santa

24 Dec

Sure, Santa. Stop by and drop off your presents. Have a cookie or eight. But that’s not all the oldest child in this house requests of you. Answer her questions and then sign on the line. I’m not sure it will hold up in court but I’m pretty sure the 9-year-old will hold you to the answers.

Oh yeah, and P.P.P.P.S., don’t forget it’s Jesus’ birthday.



“Where is baby Jesus?”

25 Dec

It was something I didn’t even notice. The baby Jesus – missing from the manger scene at church. Nia realized it right away and asked it as we walked by the display during communion. I whispered to her that the baby will appear at midnight, for his birthday. She loved that and it made me wish we treated our mangers the same way. That’s better than an elf who moves to a new spot each morning after reporting on a child’s behavior or Santa who brings you gifts if you’re not on the naughty list. Jesus loves you, no matter what. He gave us the greatest gift, even though many were not nice to him.

I hope as the years pass, they remember asking where baby Jesus was. I know I will always remember it and how they lifted their sweet voices in song to celebrate Jesus’ birth. How they sat next to Father Leo on the steps of the altar in front of the entire church and answered his questions about the meaning of Christmas and animatedly nodded. How Nate rested his head on Nia’s shoulder at one point during Mass and she didn’t shrug it away. That they remember the love, beauty and spirit of Christmas in the middle of the piles of presents and the cookies for Santa.

Merry. Christmas.

Cookies and Health Tip for Santa

24 Dec

When Santa arrives at our house, he’s in store for a plate full of cookies, a glass of eggnog and an important message about his health. Nia’s note to him features a thank you and a fit tip.


Um, Santa, I don't mean to be blunt but...

Hope he’s not too offended. We did provide (tempt?) him with ample cookies to sample:

And Nate’s note is full of thanks – without  any round reference:

To Santa, Love Santa

The kids even left reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter) on the front lawn. They wanted to leave cookies too but then something about weight was brought up again.

Now, where are those cookies?

The Present Pitch

16 Nov

Running out of gift ideas for your loved ones this Holiday Season? Just can’t seem to find the perfect present? Considering another year of gift cards and scented lotions? Well, before you buy, check out these great gifts you may not have considered:

  • Egyptian sheets – Now on sale at your local church!
  • Flu shot – Get your flu card today!
  • Furniture at local store – Something for everyone!
  • Child’s school fundraiser – Who wouldn’t love a decorative knickknack?
  • Home improvements – Bring those house renovations to life.
  • Dentists – Give your loved one the gift of pearly whites this year!

These are just a few of the “make great Christmas gift” advertisements I’ve been seeing lately. I’m pretty sure people can pitch just about anything as a “great gift” during this time of year. It just makes me chuckle. I mean, who knows? Maybe those sheets are amazing.

Holiday Happiness 2009

25 Dec

Until the Magic Disappears

9 Dec

The other day I found myself wondering – if Andrew and I don’t buy presents for the kids on Christmas – will they be there anyway? What if we test it? What if the the big guy really does exist but since we take care of the gift buying, the wrapping and the placing under the tree (we even eat the jolly old elf’s cookies that kids made for him), maybe he just doesn’t show up because he’s not needed (and we ate half of his treats)? It could be true right? If you believe?

Yeah, I must be the parent of a six and three year old. Their undoubting belief in Santa is very powerful. Nia reminds me each day that the “Elf on the Shelf” is watching and that he flies messages to Santa. When I took the kids to see Santa at the mall this year, Nate ran up to him and jumped in his lap, wrapping his arms around him. He did it without hesitation. He did it with love in his heart and excitement for the wonder that Santa brings. I stood there with tears in my eyes. Adult strangers waiting in line for their child’s photo stood there with tears in their eyes.

Christmas 2009

Nate’s reaction did more than touch my heart though, it also broke it a little. Because I know – it’s all a lie. This is not the first time I’ve expressed my concerns about telling the tale. Many of us have our cherished memories of believing in Santa but then we also have our nightmare stories about how we all “found out.” We know how old we were. We know where we found out. We still feel the twinge of pain when we think about our terrible discovery. And then, we grow up and do it to our kids!

I suppose it’s because the moments like I just experienced with Nate far outweigh the moment of “finding out.” His happiness and love for the stranger hiding behind a white beard and red velvet suit made me want to believe again. (Plus, he was a really good Santa!) Part of me hopes to find a mysterious present under the tree for me – special delivery from the North Pole.

Hope you got what you wanted!

25 Dec

Hooray for Christmas!

Christmas Beauty

He really wanted this!

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