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20 Jul


You want it with strawberries? You got it. Some melon? No problem. How ’bout some pineapple? It can add a nice touch. What really makes it yummier than any other smoothie I’ve ever had though is a splash of Sunny D, Andrew’s not-so secret ingredient.

The boy is a smoothie master, always choosing all the right fruit to mix into the non-fat yogurt. He’s made smoothie monsters out of some of our family members. In fact, they even wanted their own Magic Bullets to make the smoothies as easily as he does.

Today, I woke up to find a prepared smoothie and some coffee all ready for me. It’s better than any smoothie/coffee shop I’ve sampled. It also costs a lot less. To that I say, sip until the annoying straw noise is made.


New Year’s Eve Pizza Party

1 Jan

The kids I thought it would be fun (and yummy) to celebrate New Year’s with a new tradition – a pizza party. Here is a little video of the fun!


Sketti Twirler

17 Apr

Delicious Mess

18 Mar

I promise I feed them more than fast food!

27 May

Despite Nate and Nia’s collection of kids’ meal toys, I never really thought they ate too much fast food.  It wasn’t until Nate started to refer to each toy as “Chicken French Fries” that I started to think otherwise.

Yeah.  I think we’re going to cut back on our trips to BK and Mickey D’s.


It’s Me versus the Bird

22 Nov

I’ve been really lucky.  I’ve only ever had to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner by myself one time.  It’s just worked out that we would be visiting family or our family would be visiting us so I didn’t have to cook.  That’s a good thing.  It’s not that I’m a bad cook or anything – I have issues when it comes to the main character of the meal.

It’s just – it still looks so much like it did when it was alive.  I mean, with ground beef/steak – it doesn’t look like a cow.  Bacon does not look like a pig.  Chicken breast/nuggets/strips do not resemble a little feathered friend.  And, in the case of the turkey – there’s more than it just still looking like a turkey – it’s also that they come with those bits and pieces and you have to reach in that orifice and pull out bags of mushy junk.

I’ve already asked Andrew to do the really dirty work but it’s still so hard for me to enjoy the taste of the cooked turkey after seeing what it once was and doing all the final prep work to really “finish” him off.

I’m disturbed  – but not so much that I would boycott the bird altogether.  I guess, I’ll see how it all turns out tomorrow.

Work Out = Pig Out?

18 Apr

Since we moved I have been really good about not eating as much fast food.  When I was working at the station I ate it every day  – Popeye’s Spicy Chicken Strips with the buttery, yummy biscuit/Whoppers with french fries and zesty onion dipping sauce (curse you Ginger!)/10 piece Chicken McNuggets with hot mustard sauce/Arby’s roast beef sandwich and curly fries with horsey sauce to drown every ounce of my food.  Want to barf yet? I sure do…

It’s probably because I just got finished devouring my second fast food meal this week. (I did go for the grilled chicken though so that’s better right?)  It seems now that I’ve been hitting the Y and really working it (I took 3 aerobics classes today!) I feel the need to stuff my stomach with the worst possible crap.  It’s not just fast food either – last week I made pork-n-beans and put it on hot dog buns!  What the heck is that?  I don’t even remember the last time I ate pork-n-beans and I was all like “yum – I think I’ll make these even worse for me by slapping them on 3 buns!”

I’m totally zeroing out any calorie burning I did do at the gym and it’s driving me crazy!  I know I’m the one who controls the food I put in my mouth – I just need to get a better handle on eating right so I can actually loose some of these post baby pounds.  I’m hoping this post will purge me of my desire to take another trip to the drive-thru. Or at least help me to order a salad!

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