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Vines and Pipes and a Year Gone By

9 Sep

It’s been almost a year since I’ve written. 

No. That doesn’t do it justice. 

I couldn’t remember my username let alone my password to access my blog. 

I gained 20 pounds since I last wrote. 

My kids turned a new age. 

Parts of the roof blew off, the A/C needed repaired, the dryer that’s older than our marriage is on the fritz, Andrew and our friend Mitch fixed our deck, we had a road trip or two, fortunately had no major illnesses or injuries but got lice again (guess I never told you about that first time), the turtle and the dogs are swell, we’re still employed, still in debt, still running and still making the most of each day. 

Sounds about right.

Got me thinking about when I was little and didn’t have a worry in the world — except whether or not so-and-so talked to me. I used to stay at my Grandma and Grandpa Rafaiani’s house and explore the neighborhood with friends. Of course, that exploring would take us to places we were told not to go. The gully — where lonely vines begged us to hug them for a swing and large pipes that stretched across a deep valley dared us to crawl. 

We never thought about what if the vine snaps or what if we slip off the pipe. We just enjoyed and came out smelling like metallic pipe and nature on the other side of the adventure. I get a whiff of it every now and again on the kids or after a run on the trails. Still tempting but then that worry thing starts to happen. Maybe next time … 

Hiding the Grays

19 May

Today I fired a shot at the grays. My hair is now glowing with highlights.

The Enemy is Hiding Within

I actually really like it.  I just better not spot any gray hairs in the mix of color!

Operation Gray Elimination

15 May

My head full of dark brown hair is being invaded.  I was informed about these enemies in February when the man cutting my hair said, “Oh honey, I’m seeing a few gray in here.”  I remember not really worrying about it then because I thought it was some sort of fluke or something.

No Vacancy for Grays

Then I came home and looked in the mirror and saw the “few grays” he so kindly pointed out for me.  From that day I have spotted too many to count and I have weeded each one out as I see them.  During the elimination, sadly, a few brown hairs have been sacrificed (it’s hard to pull those tiny little gray ones – sometimes I grab an innocent brown bystander on accident – it breaks my heart but I feel it must be done for the good of all the other hairs.)

I’ve even gone so far as to try and pull one out while I was driving.  It was making me crazy and I was determined to hold it between my fingers and let it know who was boss.  “You thought you could just mix in with the others did you?  Ha! You thought wrong!  And if any of your gray buddies are thinking about crossing into the brown hair territory than be warned – I will hunt you down and destroy you!”

So maybe I’m being a little dramatic for this blog’s sake – I really do not issue death threats to my gray hairs – but I did yank it while I was driving (and I did stare at it for a moment with a twisted smile on my face).  I just can’t help it.  One or two would be fine – I can accept that – but the amount I have found is just waking me up to getting older and I just think it’s a little too soon for that.  I think I still have another -oh- 30 or so years until I should have to worry about that!

In the meantime, I am considering getting highlights again but that makes me sad because I was really liking my dark hair.  I guess, no matter how hard I try to defeat the grays, in the end, they are the winners. I still plan to put up a good fight though…

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